Anupam Kundu

Co-Founder and Dog Parent at / Director of Product Accelerator for ThoughtWorks NYC

Expertise: Revenue generationOperations; Social Impact


Hello, I'm Anupam. I have roughly 15 years or so of professional experience in various capacities.   Currently engaged with ThoughtWorks, Inc. Primary responsibilities are:

  • Steer our in-office “Raptor” Product Accelerator and scale it in all offices
  • Spearheading critical process-delivery consulting engagements
  • Lead the Social Impact Program (SIP) portfolio for North East market for ThoughtWorks   

Besides my day job, I'm interested in reading, new media and dogs. I have a for-profit social start-up called that focuses on improving the quality of life for both dogs and humans by helping them find love and continuity through compassion and humane education.