5 reasons that the Social Impact House
will make you a better innovator:


LIVE with a collaborative community.

It happened to Picasso in Paris in the early 1900s and it happens today at some of the most innovative companies. Physical proximity allows for the greater flow of ideas, for sparks, for collaboration. At Social Impact House, you will spend 2 weeks living, working, and “bumping into” a diverse team of collaborators who will provide real-time support and feedback to help you improve your idea.

LEARN new skills and tools.

In addition to a fertile environment, you will learn alongside world-class experts. Social Impact House gathers together educators and mentors who will help you develop the tools for transformative leadership, design thinking, and business development. You will be able to immediately apply these skills to your social venture, and will take them with you throughout your life.

GROW to think differently.

Innovation requires more than just new information. In addition to the core curriculum, we are redefining the way we learn. Social Impact House is an experiential, relevant, practical, and exciting way to rethink our own assumptions, our collective genius, and the ways we solve problems. We believe: “Don’t let what you know limit what you imagine.”

PARTNER with intentional mentors.

As social entrepreneurs ourselves, we recognize the value that our networks and mentors have played in our success. More than just placing you in the same place as lots of amazing people, we also partner you with mentors who are accomplished and world-class thought leaders chosen specifically for you.

IMPACT lives in a real, tangible way.

The world of social impact has unique challenges that may not exist in other spheres. By joining the Social Impact House, you will be part of a community that has faced these challenges, failed, and succeeded. And they will stop at nothing to support you in your mission. Not only on day 1, but on day 10,001. By bringing together people who have been successful social innovators, we believe we you will be one too.