Lindsay Litowitz

"I want to democratize the travel industry by empowering micro-entrepreneurs to leverage their cultural assets."

Focus Area: Poverty Alleviation and Economic Development

School: Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs


Lindsay is a native of Miami with a passion for intercultural dialogue, program design and travel. She has led immersive educational trips for young travelers to Ukraine, Argentina and Israel, focused on enhancing the travel experience through meaningful cross-cultural experiences. She is an active member of the ROI Community for Global Innovators based in Israel and holds core positions on TEDx teams in Jerusalem, at the United Nations and Columbia University. Previously, she was the Director of Strategic Communications for Jerusalem Venture Partners and built the first NEXT office in South Florida, working with young adults to create authentic, sustainable microcommunities. Lindsay is currently pursuing her Masters at Columbia University with a focus on social entrepreneurship and sustainable development and is currently working on a travel start-up for guided local experiences in the developing world.