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Cherlyn, Stretching Her Limits

PSIH is a place where limits barely exist ( just look at some of the shower spaces).

In just a mere 2 days, everyone here has created a space where people focus on possibilities, not impossibilities. Which made me realized that my only limits are those I place on myself.

I'm eternally grateful for all the conversations I've had. All of you helped me shake off those unnecessary limits so I can dream outrageously, ask audaciously, act confidently.

Honestly, I haven't been this inspired and excited in a long time.

And to think this is only Day #2. Wow.

by Cherlyn Lim 

Sibel Ozcelik in Motion

There is momentum. Speed. Drive. Movement. Change. We’re all constantly talking. constantly thinking. constantly brainstorming. New ideas are about. Back and forth. We go around and round and round. And magic happens.

In this new integrative space I’ve fallen into, no that I have been graciously welcomed into, enterprise and ingenuity exist. We all have passion. We all have drive. We all have idea. And within and beyond the realms of this beautiful place, we find purpose together.

That purpose is to stretch ourselves beyond our limits. to extend everything we know into the bounds of the unknown. and to cherish and remember but even more so to take what we learn and to share it. Share every ounce and morsel with the world. Whether it be through structural design, education, finance, engineering or health, we’re here. we are the innovators of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Here we go. #socialimpacthouse2013

by Sibel Ozcelik