During the "Understanding Technology" panel, we asked this question to staff, fellows, and mentors. The answers are way better than simply to use technology. Check it:

I write haikus

I call up my friends how are 50+ and ask them. They’re usually retired too which makes it easier.

I bask in the uncertainty and let the answer arise from within

I ask those who are older and wiser

I google it

I do what I know

I go back to what I don’t know and ask why do I not know what I don’t know


I ask for advice (to determine whether I’m searching for affirmation or if I actually need the help)

I ask someone in that field

Generally freeze; do something else for a while (like write a script)

Go to someone I respect and ramble until they help me on my way

I imagine that I’m asking someone else until I really understand

I talk to my mom because she has a lot of common sense

I go back and reflect on what I do know

Talk to people who won’t judge you

I make a model based on things I do know and ask someone “What am I missing?”

I take short naps and start off fresh

I get someone’s perspective who has absolutely nothing to do with the environment

“In fact you know but you just get lost in all the information”

I try to think through whether it’s needing problem-solving (logical, structural) or affirmation (empathy, emotional)